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Newton North Little League / Ken Brown

I will tell you that Roy does a great job. The quality is top notch. I highly recommend him. I say that after being the photo coordinator since 2007 with NNLL. I believe he is the best in the area. The pictures are always delivered on time and never any issues with the parents. Most of the time the parents tell me they are better than the school photos. I agree. As a side note, I worked for Calumet Photographic for 15 years and I know what a god image looks like. His prices are the same as everyone, and he has different options to fit everyone's needs. Never any issues, if there is a mix up, he makes good on it. You won't go wrong with Roy. You can call me if you have any other questions. Thanks Kenny 617-510-9442

Winchester Youth Hockey / Chris Parker

Roy Crowley has been taking Winchester Youth Hockey photos for years, (long before I joined the board almost a decade ago and before digital cameras). We have been very happy with his service, the quality of his work and flexibility. I am contacted frequently by some "newer" and much larger/glitzier companies who wish to take our program's pictures, but I (and I think my predecessors would agree ... I've cc:d them so they can weigh in) have always found Roy's small/family business feel and personal involvement in the picture taking and fulfillment process to be an invaluable benefit of doing business with his company. I've answered your questions below in CAPITALS. • How were the quality of their photos? EXCELLENT • Did you feel their prices were competitive for what they offered? YES • Were the photos delivered in a timely manner after parents ordered them? YES, THE PICTURES AND MEMORABILIA ARE TYPICALLY DROPPED OFF BY ROY OR ONE OF HIS EMPLOYEES AT THE RINK SORTED BY TEAM (We have 20-25 teams per season) WHEN COMPLETE AND WYH COACHES HAND THEM OUT TO THE FAMILIES • Any general issues experienced by the league or parents? NOTHING BUT HIGH MARKS Please call my cell 617-823-5273 if you have any questions. .................. Chris